Hi, I am Carol Ann Culbert Johnson and I am a lover of romance.

I am a joyful reader and a writer. I love reading romance books. I started reading Harlequin Romance when I started high school and craved for more. As I read those books, I realized that I could also write stories like that. And so I started writing short stories and cliché’ as it as, the rest is history.

My passion for writing has driven me to write not just fiction but non-fiction books also. I know from experience that life is not just about romance and I want to share with my readers my thoughts about the realities of life. I am the author behind the “I Confess series”, “Rejection”, “Articles for the Soul”, “Torn Between Two Lovers”, “Journal of Dreams”, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”, “Best Best Friends”, “The Ultimate Sins”, “Everything and More”, and more short stories in Black Romance Magazine. These are stories about romance, love, friendship, temptation, struggles, and the bitter realities of life.

I am ___ years old. I have lived in Oak Lawn, Illinois in Chicago all my life and I love it here. I have a twin sister, an older brother, a grown daughter, and two lovely grandchildren. I started writing when I was just fourteen years old. I wrote poems and short stories until I got the chance to write for Sterling/Mac Fadden Magazine. From then on, I just continued writing.

I work in a clinic but it is my dream to become a full-time writer. I have graduated from Kaplan College with an Associate Degree in Paralegal Science. I pursued further studies in paralegal courses and creative writing.

I have always believed that writing is my calling and a gift that I can share with the rest of the world. Come and take a ride with me.